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Your enemy is silica dust. These tiny particles can be released into the air when cutting, drilling or grinding concrete, brick or similar building materials. And they are invisible to the naked eyes. We believe that no construction workers or the surrounding environment should be exposed to dust and slurry in a harmful way when there are solutions to help minimise unnecessary risks and exposure. Use proper well-serviced equipment and accessories in the correct way and be more efficient and protected. To raise awareness about the importance of safety and using the proper equipment when handling dust and slurry, Husqvarna is offering you a series of dust extractors.
Creative Enchitect (M) Sdn Bhd provides industrial coating & adhesive solutions to wide range of industries including Oil & Gas, Construction, Marine, Mining, Electronics, etc.

Specialising in coatings, we supply high performance coatings e.g. anti-corrosion, abrasive resistant, chemical resistant coatings and high temperature to protect substrates from being deteriorated from the harsh environments. With polyureas and High Performance Epoxies, coupled with Graco equipment we have been providing engineering solutions to many oil & gas players and building & construction contractors.

Besides supplying high performance coatings, we also provide solutions for adhesives & sealants in integrated circuits, LED packings, electronics, panel displays, new energy and transportation. The Darbond engineering adhesives have been proven high performance in the above industries and have become a very popular solution provider to many automotive and electronics manufacturers.

Our showroom & warehouse are located in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. We are committed to deliver satisfaction and quality results, through years of industrial experience and wide range of resources. The synergy of the experience and resources have solved many sophisticated and challenging engineering problems.