Civil infrastructure solutions are a primary focus of Nukote Coating Systems. Our historical solutions in this segment include bridges, tunnels and transportation systems. Infrastructure clients look to us to provide solutions that are; economical, comprehensive and fast track with extensive design life. These customers demand a total solution designed for fast completions with inflexible completion timings. Delivering complex solutions like these are a key offering of our firm, which require our basic components of engineered specifications, superior products, cutting edge coating equipment and professional application contractors.

Typical solutions for this segment include:

Tunnels : Vehicular, rail and pedestrian structures
Bridges : Vehicular, rail and pedestrian structures
Transportation : Heavy and light rail systems and facilities

Reference Clients for this segment include:
Wilcox Tunnel : Chattanooga, Tennessee
Sydney Harbor Bridge : Sydney, Australia
Rheem Bridge : Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
Makthoum Bridge : Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This market segment can vary significantly dependent on specific design criteria. Fresh water, salt water, structural design parameters all have to be incorporated into a correct specification and product offering. To review relevant technical data or project profiles, case studies and other information, go to our Affiliates Page and request access to our technical data base.