Industrial and Commercial construction solutions are a primary focus of Nukote Coating Systems. Our historical solutions in this segment range from heavy industrial manufacturing plants and facilities to stadium and casino projects around the globe.

Industrial clients look to us to provide long lasting durable solutions in onerous conditions. Commercial construction customers look to us to provide high performance solutions with longevity and minimal maintenance. Both types of customers demand a total solution that includes the core offering of our firm; engineered specifications, superior products, cutting edge coating equipment and professional application contractors.

Typical solutions for this segment include:

Floor and Deck Systems : Architectural to heavy industrial types
Waterproofing Systems : Subgrade, above grade, submersed and immersed
Roofing Systems : Flat, sloped, contoured, architectural, insulated composites
Water Systems : Storage, retention, diversion, processing, sewer, storm and potable
Security : Blast Mitigation and personnel protection

Reference Clients for this segment include:
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries : Japan, Algeria, Oman, Australia
Toyota Automotive : Japan, Asean
Volvo Heavy Trucks : Middle East
Graziano Transmissions : India
Marina Bay Sands Casino : Singapore
Belle Grande Casino : Philippines

This market segment utilizes a wide specification range with varying requirements of performance, defined by each customer. To review relevant technical data or project profiles, case studies and other information, go to our Affiliates Page and request access to our technical data base.