Oil, Gas and Petrochemical solutions are a unique focus for Nukote Coating Systems. Our proven solutions in this segment include upstream and downstream processes for crude oil, shale oil, natural gas and their derivatives. Specifications surrounding this segment include; upstream onshore and offshore drilling and extraction equipment, their pipelines and storage facilities, downstream process plants, storage facilities, and pipelines, and transportation for refined products and chemicals that include, trucks, barges, ships and pipelines. Continuous performance of these protection systems is of critical importance to the client.

Complexity of the specification and application method is extremely high. Clients look to us to provide these complex solutions which are designed for the process temperatures, chemical exposures, environmental conditions and abuse levels inherent.

Complex solutions for chemical exposures like these are a primary offering of our firm, which require our systematic process that includes; engineered specifications, superior products, cutting edge coating equipment and the highest levels of professional applicators.

Typical solutions for this segment include:

Pipelines : External and internal protective coatings
Primary Containment : Tanks, vessels and basins
Secondary Containment : Environmental containment liners
Process Vessels : Pressure vessels, air separators and others
Transportation : Ship, barge, truck and rail liners

Reference Clients for this segment include:
CNRL : Canada
ARAMCO : Saudi Arabia
SHELL : Global
CONOCO : Indonesia
CNPC : China