Water Systems

Solutions for water systems are a primary focus of Nukote Coating Systems. A separate trademark for these systems is included in all solutions we offer. Water applications span all of our key markets segments, but the solution is so specific we identify it as an individual system called Aegis™

The Nukote Aegis System™ ensures optimum lifespan of; equipment, treatment, storage and transmission facilities for use in, potable water, storm water, industrial and domestic waste water and even contaminated waste water. The products utilized in these systems can vary, although the cutting edge robotic technology used to apply them remains the same. Products designed for use in waste water, potable water, saline water and contaminated water are all interchangeable. The system is applicable in renovation of existing pipelines, vaults, basins and structures and in new construction.

Our clients look to us for total solutions in these complex conditions providing comprehensive solutions in high traffic areas where excavation is impractical and replacement costs would be astronomical. These systems operate continuously and require extended design life in high abrasion, and chemical exposures. Complex solutions are a key offering of our firm, which require our basic components of engineered specifications, superior products, cutting edge coating equipment and the highest levels of professional application contractors.

Typical solutions for this segment include:

Storm Water : Collection, retention and distribution, pipe, basin and vault
Potable Water : Process, distribution and isolation, pipe, basin and vault
Domestic Waste Water : Collection, process, return to water systems
Industrial Waste Water : Collection, process, return to water systems
Desalination : Process, storage and distribution systems

Reference Clients for this segment include:
State of Texas : Multiple municipalities and counties
State of Mississippi : Multiple municipalities and counties
State of Georgia : Multiple municipalities and counties
State of Tennessee : Multiple municipalities and counties
Dubai Water : United Arab Emirates
China Water : Peoples Republic of China
Singapore Water : Singapore