Penetrating Oil (25g / 450g)

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A quick acting multi-purpose lubricant with high quality.
Production is from Thailand under the Technology of America, STOP RUST® Penetrating oil is a quick acting multi-purpose lubricant with high quality which are applied in many different sectors such as: housing, office, maintenance repair shops, factory, plant…
STOP RUST® Penetrating oil is applied good in many different environments whether in the best of severe weather conditions. Special spray head allows you to easily spray from any angle or position and to reach places that would otherwise be inaccessible. Can be used with ease anywhere.

Multi-Purpose Lubricant

  • Frees rusted parts
  • Stop squeaks
  • Cleans & Protects surface.
  • Starts wet engines
  • Displaces moisture
  • Frees Sticky Mechanisms

STOP RUST® Penetrating oil has five main functions:
  1. Stop squeaks: Penetrates and lubricates motion surface, hinges, springs, castors, windows, handles, pedals, conveyor and office chairs… Frees sticky mechanisms: Lubricates and un–jams door locks, zippers, tools, equiqments…. Stop squeaks by friction.
  2. Drives out moisture: Drives out water on metal surfaces, like electrical contacts, car ignitions, start wet engines of car, motorcycle or ship, outboard motors and tools.
  3. Cleans: Dissolves grease, tar, gum, adhesive and other impurities… in most of surface such as: metal, porcelain, wood, plastic, glass, nylon, textile fabric…
  4. Protects: Leaves protective film against rust, eroded or oxidization… of metal, tools or equipments… High apply in maintain machines, engines, equipments of mechanics industrial, electrical & electronics, auto, motorcycle…
  5. Loosens rusted parts: Penetrates and easy to loosen rusted, corroded and seized nuts, bolts, control cables and fasteners 

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Penetrating Oil (25g / 450g)

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