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A tough infusible solvent free advanced composite system developed to be used as a multipurpose high strength casting and grouting polymer. Exhibits excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, and high structural integrity under stress in both compression and tension.
This product is designed to be used effectively in hot or cold climates, and is able to be blended with graded aggregate without appreciable loss of strength. Addition of graded aggregate is recommended when installation depth is extreme or to control excessive exotherm under hot conditions.
Suitable for use on a variety of surfaces including steel, wood, and concrete.

Civils Foundation Bedding Slipway Foundations Road Bridges Grouting
Bedding Rails  Bedding Rails 
Crusher Backing & Grouting Floor Re Levelling
Concrete Repair High Strength Adhesive
Casting Mould Making Chemical Anchoring
Precision Grouting Engineering Grout
Crack Repair Wet to Dry Concrete

  • Engineered for high mechanical strength
  • Extremely strong adhesive
  • Broad spectrum chemical resistance
  • Cures in 6 hours
  • Free of all solvents - zero VOC
  • Cures even when applied under cold adverse conditions
  • Suitable for underwater use
ASTM D621-64 Method A    
Epigen 301 resin was mixed with equal parts by weight, of 16/30 Silica Sand.
Four distinct applied stresses and temperatures were maintained, consistent 
with Western Power directives for loading evaluation for equipment grouting & bedding
Applied Stress Temperature Deformation
15Mpa 40°C 1.35%
8Mpa 40°C 0.27%
8Mpa 85°C 2.78%
6.5Mpa 85°C 2.56%

Ratio by weight                                                             10 parts Component “A”
                                                                                       1 part Component “B” 30
Pot Life minutes @ 24oC                                             30
Mixed consistency @ 24oC                                          Flowable Liquid
Specific gravity when mixed                                         1.7
  • Compressive strength ASTM D695, Mpa                                                        > 100
  • Compressive strength after 24 hours, Mpa                                                       > 88
  • Tensile strength ASTM D638, Mpa                                                                 > 21
  • Flexural strength ASTM D638, Mpa                                                               > 21
  • Hardness, Shore D                                                                                           90
  • Comp Modulus of Elasticity ASTM D695, Mpa                                             > 1300
  • Comp Modulus of Elasticity after 24 hours, Mpa                                            > 770
  • Elongation D638                                                                                               2.4%
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion ASTM C531 (cm/cm/o C) x 10-5                        3.7
  • Dielectric constant ASTM D150 (150KHz)                                                     3.0
  • Maximum exposure temperature, o C                                                                130
  • Heat deflection temperature ASTM D648, o C                                                  75
  • Cure time @ 20mm, Minutes                                                                            90
  • Cure time to open service @ 20mm, Hours                                                      4
  • Ultimate cure time @ 20mm, Hours                                                                 48
SURFACE PREPARATION                                                                                                    
Methods for substrate preparation preference using high pressure water blasting, or mechanical techniques such as grinding or scarifying.                                                                                
Specialist advice is available to ensure suitable preparation procedure is employed for specific applications.                                                                                      
Mixing of product should be carried out using slow speed mixers and carried out by adding component “B” to the component “A”. Once uniform in colour, mixed product should be poured directly into the area requiring treatment or applied to surfaces nominated for service. In underwater service, any water within the void will be displaced vertically.                                          
When filling large cavities, Epigen 301 may be bulk filled with equal parts by weight 16/30 mesh Silica Sand to reduce the amount of resin used. This is seen as an advantage particularly with high ambient temperature since the addition of aggregate reduces the exotherm and any resultant post cure contraction. The addition at the recommended rate will retain strength and pourability features. The kits have been designed for equal parts aggregate addition by simply topping up the mixed product container with silica sand

As Supplied      
1.7 kg of Epigen 301 / litre.    
17 kg of Epigen 301 / 10 litres.    
17 kg of Epigen 301 / m² @ 10mm.    
Fillied with equal parts by weight 16/30 Silica Sand
1.0 kg of Epigen 301 + 1.0 kg of aggregate / litre.
10 kg of Epigen 301 + 10 kg of aggregate / 10 litres.
10 kg of Epigen 301 + 10 kg of aggregate / m² @ 10mm.

In grouting applications, waxed timber, acrylic sheet, mild steel or galvanised forms have also be used with equal success.
Seal joins using silicon sealant.                

The following results represent relevance when in grouting applications of chemical facilities.
Tested at 21oC. Samples cured for 10 days at 25oC.
1 = Continuous or long term immersion

2 = Short term immersion
3 = Splash and spills
4 = Avoid contact

Acetic Acid, 10 % 2 Ammonium Chloride 1
Hydrochloric Acid, 5 % 1 Beer 1
Hydrochloric Acid, 10 % 1 Dichloromethane 4
Hydrochloric Acid, conc 2 Diesel Fuel 1
Nitric Acid, 10 % 2 Kerosene 1
Phosphoric Acid, 5 % 1 Petrol 1
Phosphoric Acid, 20 % 2 Salt Water 1
Sulfuric Acid, 5 % 2 Sewage 1
Sulfuric Acid, 20 % 3 Skydrol 1
Ammonium Hydroxide, 5 % 1 Sodium Cyanide 1
Ammonium Hydroxide, 20 % 1 Sodium Hypochlorite 1
Potassium Hydroxide, 5 % 1 Toluene 2
Potassium Hydroxide, 20 % 1 Trichloroethane 2
Sodium Hydroxide, 5 % 1 Wine 1
Sodium Hydroxide, 20 % 1 Xylene 1
Variations in cure may arise due to the amount of material being applied, the thickness of material being applied, the surface temperature, and the product temperature. The cure may be increased by heating product or by leaving mixed material stand for 15 minutes before use. The cure may be decreased by cooling the product before mixing.

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