RS Chopper Gun

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RS Chopper Gun 

Change blades in just seconds

Innovative chop gun for composites production

Increase FRP uptime and keep production moving

With the new Graco RS Chop Gun, workers can change the unique 'no-cut' blade cartridges in a matter of seconds – compared to 15 minutes with traditional cutter designs. In addition, blades and anvils can be changed right on the production line, resulting in more uptime for your fiberglass reinforced plastics operation.

Its lightweight design is up to 44% lighter than the competition for better spraying control. The Graco RS Chop Gun delivers a superior spray pattern, with reduced VOC emissions as well.

Graco has designed a gun specifically to spray fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) that is reliable, lightweight and is easy to maintain.

The RS chop gun or “chopper gun” uses a mounted fiberglass cutter, that makes sure you add cut pieces of fiberglass into the catalyzed resin stream for added strength and stability.



Quick blade changes

The fiberglass chopper gun standardly uses a magnetic cutter drum, which uses a magnet in the cutter head which holds the blades in place. This makes blade changes quick and easy

But Graco now also offers the option to use blade cartridges in stead of he magnetic drum.

Cartridges add convenience and speed to the production line. Blades can be switched in under a minute, right on the production line. No more stopping production to switch guns. No more taking the gun to the workbench. Instead, blades can be quickly switched on the production line. 

Blade cartridges are available in 4,6 and 8 blades


RS Chopper Gun

Lightweight design

Its lightweight design allows for a better spraying control. The Graco RS Chop Gun delivers a superior spray pattern, with reduced VOC- emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds) as well.

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RS Chopper Gun

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