RS Gel Coat Gun

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RS Gel Coat Gun 

Discover the next generation gel coat gun

Deliver a superior spray pattern with the ergonomic gel coat guns from Graco

Innovations engineered into the Graco RS Gel Coat Gun are sure to make a difference in your production uptime. It's lighweight, ergonomic, designed for tool-less operation and fast, easy maintenance as well. It’s available in internal and external mixing gelcoat spray guns.


Air Assist Containment

The Graco RS Gelcoat spray gun delivers an excellent spray pattern with its Air Assist Containment (AAC) technology. AAC wraps the spray pattern in a containment shield of air - preventing atomized droplets from escaping the spray pattern.

AAC creates a spray pattern where the droplets travel to the mold at very low pressure. The low speed or “particle velocity” creates very little turbulence or disturbance in the liquid when the droplet makes contact with the mold, increasing the transfer efficiency. AAC spraying dramatically reduces the chances of air entrapment and porosity.



1. Resin
2. Catalyst
3. Graco Air Assist Containment AFTER introduction of catalyst
4. Atomized droplets are kept or 'contained' in the spray pattern
5. Traditional Air Assist Containment: BEFORE introduction of catalyst
6. Some atomized droplets escape the spray pattern


Fast switch tip design - MACT compliant technology

Todays gelcoat market uses 2 different technologies. Mechanical Air Atomized (Air Assisted Airless) and Mechanical Non-Air Atomized (Impingement). Using the RS guns allows you to switch from one technology to the other by simply changing the spray tip. This can be done quickly and cost effectively



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RS Gel Coat Gun

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