SaniForce HS 3250

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SaniForce HS 3250
SaniForce High Sanitation Air Operated Double Diaphragm pump 

The SaniForce High Sanitation pumps are designed for high care applications such as cosmetics, shampoo and personal care products.

Graco’s SaniForce High Sanitation Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps are designed to meet stringent sanitation requirements. Mounted on a floor stand and equipped with a leak detector, SaniForce High Sanitation Diaphragm pumps can be rotated 360 degrees to drain any excess material. Ideal for applications such as personal care, cosmetics, and high care food transfer.


SaniForce Drum Unloader

Advantages of the SaniForce High Sanitation pump

  • Patented, durable lube-free air valve with external serviceability for quick inexpensive repairs
  • PTFE/EPDM overmolded Diaphragms (bolt-through options available)
    • Improve wear and diaphragm life with no exposed diaphragm plates on the fluid side
    • No crevices for harboring bacteria
    • Longer diaphragm life in abrasive applications that require PTFE
    • PTFE on fluid side and EPDM on the air side
  • Tri-clamp and DIN connections allow easy cleaning and minimal downtime
  • 32Ra formed/welded stainless steel with sanitary finish
  • Rotatable stand up to 360° degrees for quick draining, easy servicing and sanitizing
  • Leak detectors available
  • Single piece manifold reduces clamps and areas for food or bacteria to hide

SaniForce High Sanitation - HS 3250

SaniForce High Sanitation - HS 3250


  • Max flow rate: 946lpm (250gpm)
  • Max fluid pressure: 8bar (120psi, 0.8Mpa)
  • Max pumpable solids: Ball: 25.4mm (1”) Flapper: 63.5mm (2.5”)
  • Viscosity range: Up to 25.000cps

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SaniForce HS 3250

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