TexSpray GTX 2000ex

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TexSpray GTX 2000ex Pumping System for Texture Spraying

The ideal pumping system for the professional texture contractor who has access to a high-output air compressor

With its unmatched performance and durability, The GTX 2000ex can easily apply common interior drywall mud finishes such as orange peel, splatter and knockdown, or the more demanding deck coatings and exterior aggregate acrylic and elastomeric finishes.

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Makes spraying texture faster and easier
  • Versatile Pump-Only Texture Sprayer - Allows your compressor to be placed outside while completing interior projects. Designed for use with a user-supplied air compressor*
  • Husky™ 1040 Double Diaphragm Pump - High-output, 1-in (25 cm) pump produces texture delivery rates to 4.0 gpm* and features durable Geolast™ Ball Check Valves
  • Separate Pump and Gun Air Controls - One regulator controls pump pressure and output, another controls atomization air enables you to produce precise, consistent and repeatable texture finishes
  • Heavy-Duty Air Spray Trigger Gun - Durable cast aluminum design has oversized fluid passages for pumping heavy mud mixes and extra-course gun head threads for quick nozzle changes
  • Large Capacity 17-gallon (64 L) Hopper - features steep sides to keep the thickest muds flowing to the pump and no-tools removal for easy cleanup
  • Bonded Material/Air Hose - Both hoses are permanently bonded together for easy handling with no-tools hose connection
TexSpray GTX 2000EX
  • On-Board Air Filtration System - Filters incoming air to keep your sprayer running at optimal performance with Auto-drain design to automatically remove moisture build-up

Units include:

  • Heavy-Duty Air Spray Trigger Gun
  • 6 Nozzles (3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm)
  • 1 in x 25 ft (25.4 mm x 7.5 m) Bonded Air/Material Hose

*Air compressor with minimum performance of 12 CFM at 100 psi (340 LPM at 6.9 BAR) recommended.
†Hose length is dependent on material viscosity.

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TexSpray GTX 2000ex

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