TrueCoat Pro-X Fine Finish

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TrueCoat Pro-X Fine Finish Cordless Airless Sprayer

The TrueCoat Pro Fine Finish cordless sprayer is designed specifically for small fine finish projects. This sprayer features a ProControl Pressure Control System that allows you to optimize the pressure setting for spraying a full range of fine finish materials – from stains to lacquers to enamels. Innovative design features make this a unique sprayer that is fully compatible with solvent-based materials including “hot” solvents.


  • Small, compact design is ideal for fine finish applications
  • ProControl System - Allows for independent adjustment of pressure and flow rate
  • Patented ProSpray Technology. Comparable performance to Graco's professional airless sprayers
  • Sprays material as designed by the paint manufacturer - no thinning required
  • Consistent, even spray pattern for one-pass coverage

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Patented ProSpray Piston Pump Technology

• Ready to spray in seconds!
• Ultimate portability to move around on the job.
• Professional quality finish.

ProSpray™ Reversible Tips
RAC® (Reverse-A-Clean); when experiencing a tip plug, simply turn the tip, spray out the plug and continue spraying normally. Integrated ProSpray tip and guard avoid spitting and provide a perfect finish. Green Fine Finish tips provide finer atomization.

Lithium-Ion Battery Charger + 2 Batteries
Charge time for 80% performance is 25 min.

Pressure Control Knob
Allows to optimize pressure resulting in very fine regulation of material flow adjusted to application.

High/Low Switch
Change motor and pump speed: I = for lower flow, ideal for detailed work, II = for higher flow, ideal for high production spraying

Tip Filter
Threads directly into guard and filters paint for less tip plugs.

Transparent 0.75 L Paint Cup
With adjustable suction tube, enables spraying in any direction. Floors, ceiling and walls. Disposable cup liners for fast and easy clean-up. Includes a cover for paint storage or quick-shake cleaning.

Repair Kit
Simple repair doubles the sprayer life from 200 l to 400 l

Sprayer storage case
• Extra room for tips, filters and paint supplies
• Convenient carrying from job-to-job
• Protects all components inside

Stand Alone Design
Balanced design, easy for storage and to put aside on the job site.

Unit Includes:

  • TrueCoat Pro Cordless Airless Sprayer (Part #16H240)
  • 210 and 312 Fine Finish Reversible Tips
  • Two 18V Lithium-Ion SlimLine Power Pack Batteries
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Charger
  • 24 oz (.70 L) Multi-Spray Cup with Cover and 5 Disposable Cup Liners
  • 4 oz (.12 L) bottle Pump Armor
  • Cordless Sprayer Storage Case

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TrueCoat Pro-X Fine Finish

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