High Pressure Hydraulic Dyna-Star

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High Pressure Hydraulic Dyna-Star 

Wireline and Wire Rope Grease Injection Pump

High pressure, low flow lubrication pump reduces maintenance and prevents corrosion of wires or cables

Reliable Wireline and Wire Rope Lubrication





In wireline, slickline, or wire rope application it is essential to properly supply grease or honeyoil to the cable or wire to prevent wear or corrosion.  By hydraulicaly delivering consistent 10,000 PSI output pressure at extremely low flow rates, Graco's High Pressure Hydraulic Dyna-Star is the perfect solution. 


Graco's unique reciprocator piston provides smooth operation, eliminating the need to ''bump'' the pump with a hammer to get it going as you do with competitive systems.  The pump is also up to 3 times more energy efficient than pneumatic systems and is self-lubricating reducing the need for pump maintenance.  

Quiet, reliable, smooth operation means less downtime and lower cost of ownership.

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Less Downtime and Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Uses up to 3 times less energy than pneumatic systems
  • Fewer moving parts reduces pump wear and maintenance
  • Self-lubricating for long-life and dependable operations

Quiet and Smooth Operation

  • Field proven operations at 10,000 PSI
  • Ultra-quiet hydraulic motor
  • Graco's recripicator piston minimizes change-over stalls

Ease of Installation

  • No assembly requierd, fits in a standard 120lb grease drum
  • Lighter, more compact design than competition
  • Easy to connect, low-pressure hydraulic input






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High Pressure Hydraulic Dyna-Star

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