GLC 2200 Controller

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GLC 2200 Controller Compact and Versatile Controller for Automatic Lubrication Systems

The GLC 2200 is a workhorse designed with user-friendly features you can really use. Visual and audible alarms ensure your equipment is lubricated properly.

Make smarter decisions about how you control your equipment. Choose the rugged GLC 2200 controller for in-cab monitoring of any 9-30 VDC system.

Automatic Lubrication controllers allow you to set up, monitor performance and gain critical feedback from lubrication systems. Trust our broad range of versatile controlling devices for your auto lube system installations on machinery and equipment used in areas such as construction and mining, agricultural, in-plant manufacturing, food and beverage industries.

How to choose an Auto Lube Controller?

Selecting a good automatic lubrication controller is important if you want to optimize lubrication intervals. Because automatic lubrication controllers allow you take total control of your auto lube system by programming and monitoring lubrication cycles.

That is why you should choose from Graco’s Auto lube controller’s system features:

  • Easy-to-Mount Auto lube Controllers – select simple icon-based and menu-based user interface controllers that make it easy to setup and operate your lubrication system and also saves valuable technician time.
  • Easy-to-Program Automatic Lubrication Cycles – choose an automatic lubrication controller with easy to read digital display. This makes it simple to program and monitor lubrication cycles to meet your machinery or equipment’s specific needs.
  • Easy-to-Maintain – decide to go for an auto lube controller which allows you to quickly inspect and run a maintenance cycle check. Graco controllers allow you run a single lubrication cycle with the use of the manual run button. Lubrication profile settings can be protected with PIN Code lock-out.

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  • Programmable Pin Code Lock-Out keeps lubrication settings safe.
  • External Mounting Tabs make it easy to mount without having to open up the control box.
  • Monitoring LEDs let you know what your system is doing at a glance.
  • Easy to read digital display makes it simple to program and monitor your equipment.
  • In-cab visual and audible alarms lets the operator know your equipment needs attention. Or set up a remote audible alarm to alert service or maintenance staff.
  • Color coded wiring harness with flying leads and easy to follow wiring diagrams makes installations efficient.
  • Protection Grade IP54.

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GLC 2200 Controller

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