SaniForce Bin Unloader

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SaniForce Bin Unloader  

Graco’s SaniForce Bin Evacuation Systems (BES) can evacuate medium to high viscosity products from 1000liter bins without diluting or heating the contents.

Each system includes a pump ram with an inflatable seal that securely fits the container for evacuation rates up to 99%. Common applications include the transfer of tomato paste, peanut butter, jams and jellies, icing and frosting, caramels, corn syrups, toothpaste, and more.

The Bin unloading system has, similar as other Graco unloading systems, a fast and easy operation. Once the Bin is placed below the Bin Unloader, the ram plate and pump is lowered into the Bin, just above the product. When the pumping starts the product is moved out of the Bin and the plate with inflatable seal travels down into the Bin, scraping product from the sides of the Bin. After the Bin in emptied the plate and pump can get lifted out by simply switching a button.


Bin Unloader

Advantages of the SaniForce Bin Unloader

  • Ram plate
    unique floating ram plate, bin guidelines & end gate with backstop eliminated the need for exact positioning of bind under the ram plate
  • Control panel with automation options
    we provide electro-pneumatic controls with HMI connection which is loaded with features and a fully automated sequence
    • Fully automated unloading sequence
    • Ingredient/recipe storage
    • Pump prime feature
    • Batch output control
    • Ram jog feature
  • Corner bag retainer
    we provide a corner bag guide bag retainer, so the bag easily stays in place while pumping
  • Easy maintenance
    no need to take of the full pump while cleaning, easily hang the air motor  on the hanger and only take off the lower the tri-clamp connection offers an easy and fast cleaning solution for the drum unloader.
  • Safety
    thanks to our safety latches, you can lock the follower plate when you are not using the unit, preventing any possible injuries when working under the plate or when changing the drums

Which pump type works best for your application?


Air Operated Diaphragm Pump

  • When the material comes in a tote or a bin
  • When high flow rates are required
  • When the viscosity is under 10.000cps and contains large particles ( Material has a diameter greater than 6.3mm and less than 63mm – flapper valve may be required)



Piston Pump

  • When the material comes in a tote or a bin
  • When the viscosity is too high for a diaphragm pump
  • When the material needs to be pumped large distances
  • When too much pressure loss exists in the line



Other technologies the SaniForce Bin Unloading System could replace

The Bin unloading system can replace Lift-and-Dump systems. Lift-and-Dump systems are used to transfer big amounts of materials stored in containers. During the lift-and-dump process containers are lifted to variable heights through open air, than the container is tilted so the product can fall out, which brings several risks for workers and their surroundings.  After every dump you still have to scrape the walls of the container manually which is work and time intensive.

Also there is a bigger chance of injuries on the work floor as operators often have to hang over stairs to reach the remaining product in the container. Likewise overstretching is one of the main injuries when working with a lift and dump system. Another risk is the big amount of product falling from a height which can impact or even damage the hopper system.

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Flapper check options
the air-operated double diaphragm pumps that are used are available in both ball and flapper check design. The flapper check design provides a delicate, shear-sensitive operation and gently transfers products. This lower-shear operation ensures product quality is not damaged or compromised, resulting in the proper transfer of critical high-value fluids and material

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SaniForce Bin Unloader

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