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ChemLINE 2400 Abrasion Resistant
A protective lining for abrasion resistant service.

ChemLINE 2400 Abrasion Resistant is an abrasion resistant two component ambient or lower temperature force cured polymer lining system for application with plural component equipment. ChemLINE 2400 Abrasion Resistant is a tough, flexible lining designed to handle the abrasiveness of coal, ore, plastic pellets, slurries and other media. ChemLINE 2400 Abrasion Resistant has excellent chemical resistance capable of withstanding the corrosive attack that normally comes with media handled.

Industry Applications
  • Hopper cars
  • Slurry pipe
  • Legs of oil platforms
  • Pumps
  • Coal chutes
  • Bag houses
  • Ion exchange vessels

Application Highlights
  • Can be applied to pitted and corroded steel surfaces
  • Very high abrasion resistance
  • Ambient or lower temperature forced air cure Low VOC - 100 grams/L (0.83 lbs. per gallon)
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Good flexibility and toughness
  • Field repairable
  • Steam cleanable
  • Resists hydroblasting
  • Dry heat resistance up to 400°F (204°C)
  • ChemLINE 2400 Abrasion Resistant complies with FDA and all applicable food additive regulations.
  • One coat application

Chemical Resistance
Sulfuric acid to 98%, most solvents including methylene chloride, MEK, methanol, gasohol, distilled water, inorganic acids, dilute organic acids and alkalis. Ideal for corrosive vapor environments. 

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Chemical Resistivity

Acetobe Resistant   Kerosene Resistant
Ammonium Chloride Resistant   Latex Resistant
Ammonium Hydroxide Resistant   Methanol Resistant
Benzene Resistant   Methylene Chloride Resistant
Black Liquor (Paper) Resistant   MEK Resistant
Bromine Water Resistant   MIBK Resistant
Carbon Tetrachloride Resistant   Nickel Plating Resistant
Chlorine Water Resistant   Slurries Resistant
Chlorobenzene Resistant   Sodium Chloride Resistant
Chromic Acid, 20% Resistant   Sodium Dichromate Resistant
Dichlorobenzene Resistant   Sodium Hydroxide Resistant
Dimethylformamide Resistant   Sulfite Liquor (Paper) Resistant
Ethanol Resistant   Sulfuric Acid, 0-98% Resistant
Formaldehyde Resistant   Tallow Resistant
Furfural Alcohol Resistant   Toluene Resistant
Gasoline Resistant   Trichloroethylene Resistant
Hydraulic Oil Resistant   White Liquor (Paper) Resistant
Hydrochloric Acid, 0-37% Resistant      
Jet Fuel Resistant      

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ChemLINE 2400

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