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Creating a nanoscale-roughness

The PYROSIL® Process is based on the flame-pyrolytic deposition of amorphous silicon dioxide on a substrate material, and thus a type of silicate coating. The surface to be treated will be fed through a gas flame which is doped with a silicon-containing precursor material (PYROSIL®). The PYROSIL®, also referred to as the precursor, burns in the flame and deposits on the surface in a very thin but dense and firmly adhering silicon oxide coating (5 – 100 nm). Due to the short flame-substrate interaction the material's surface temperature remains moderate. Thus, the PYROSIL® Process is suitable not only for glass, ceramics or metals but also outstanding for plastics. Structured, strongly enlarged surfaces with improved chemical bonding opportunities can be treated effectively and cost-efficiently with the PYROSIL® Process.

Coating Properties
  • Roughening (nano-porous) of the material surface
  • Hydrophilisation of the surface, very high surface energy
  • Invisible and flexible coating
  • Realization of a well-defined and highly reactive surface
  • Long-term stable coating (in combination with a primer, it can be stored without activation loss for 1 – 4 weeks before further processing

Process Properties
  • Effective and cost-efficient scalable process
  • Low temperature protects material
  • Can be used for nearly any materials
  • Parameters can be customised for customer requirements

  • Adhesion promotion layer for varnishes and glues
  • Corrosion protection layers
  • Sealing layers
  • Barrier coatings

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The Pyrosil® Technology
Silicatization of the surface: flame treatment with special gas mixture

  • Improvement of adhesion (bonding, coating)
  • Corrosion prevention (galvanised steel)
  • Increasing of the hydrophilicity (glass)
  • Improvement of transmission (solar)
  • Formation of well defined chemically reactive sites on the surface

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