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Lanotec General Purpose Liquid Lanolin


  • Stops Squeaks
  • Protects Tools & Electrical Equipment
  • Repels Moisture
  • Loosens Rusted Components
  • Cutting & Drilling Lube
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Lanotec General Purpose Liquid Lanolin

  • Penetrates deep through rust and loosens rusted tools and components.
  • Multi purpose lubricant protecting hinges, zippers, padlocks, sliding doors, locks and chains.
  • Provides corrosion protection for most surfaces, hinges and chains.
  • Cleans, rejuvenates and extends the life of metal, timber, vinyl, plastic, leather, rubber, fibreglass and powder-coated surfaces.
  • Protects electrical equipment and components.
  • Prevents oxidisation for containerised shipping.
  • Salt Spray tested AS2331.3.1.
  • Meets requirements of Mil-Spec MIL-C-16173 (Class II Grade 2 or 3).
  • Non-Conductive to 70kV.
Available in 750ml Spray Pack & 20 Litre Pack

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General Purpose

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