Graco e-Xtreme EX45 🎬 2019-05-06

Graco e-Xtreme EX45 is the single component, single phase electric powered. It is quiet and powerful. Besides that it also has ATEX approved (non-explosive approved) that could be used in oil & gas industry. It does not emit CO2 & waste gases (electric as power source) hence it is suitable to be used in tunnels, confined spaces etc.

Graco King Pump 🎬 2019-05-06

Graco King Pump is a powerful air driven pump that could spray up to 100% solid content materials. It has XL10000 air motor which is the most powerful design in the single component sprayer industry.

Graco Reactor E-10HP 🎬 2019-05-06

The Graco Reactor E-10HP is a single phase powered reactor, it is very convenient for mobilisation. As a multi-purpose sprayer it can spray PU foams, polyureas, and could perform concrete lifting.

Graco EcoQuip2 Dual Line Vapour Blasting Equipment 🎬 2019-08-20

Graco’s EcoQuip 2 dual line vapor blasting equipment is a standalone unit designed to tackle most typical blasting projects. The dual line EQ2 is a breakthrough of all the EcoQuip 2 series which it has a larger pot and operates with two lines (higher productivity). EQ2 Dual Line Features and Benefits: 1. Functions two lines simultaneously 2. Stacks easily to save space 3. Max blast pressure of 175 PSI 4. Handles both low and high air flow/pressure applications 5. Painted crash frame 6. 12 cubic ft. specialty coated pot

Graco XP70hf (100m hose) on Hempadur Multi-Strength GF 35870 🎬 2019-08-20

The Graco XP70hf (high flow) is a two component sprayer which it operates up to 7250 psi, ratio ranges from 1:1 to 1:4. It has a powerful XL10000 air motor hence it could spray high solid contents.

Graco Z60 with International Paint Interzone 954 🎬 2019-08-20

Graco has just launched Z60, a powerful single phase sprayer with 6000psi operating pressure. The size is as same as e-Xtreme EX45, which it is functioning very quietly and does not emit waste gases.

Forsroc Netoproof 600 & Graco EX45 vs roller 67 views 🎬 2019-08-20

Forsroc Netoproof 600 is a high viscosity material. This video demonstrates the powerful EX45 spraying Netoproof 600 vs roller.

Epigen XD005 & Graco Xtreme X70 🎬 2019-08-20

Epigen XD005 is a high chemical resistant and high temperature resistant material, suitable to be applied in chimney wall lining which is to resist sulfuric acids under high temperature. It is a very viscous material and requires high pressure pump. Graco Xtreme X70 (which is equivalent to newer version, King Pump) meets the requirement.

Mapei Purtop 1000 & Graco Reactor 2 EXP2 🎬 2019-08-20

Polyurea is a fast set material and it requires plural component sprayer, at about 65-70C . Graco Reactors are designed to suit the requirements. The video demonstrates Graco Reactor 2 E-XP2 spraying Mapei Purtop 1000.

International Paint Intergard 475HS & Graco XM70 🎬 2019-08-20

Graco XM70 is a plural component, digitised variable ratio (ranges from 1:1 to 10:1, with two decimal points).

NUKOTE Global Conference 2018 🎬 2019-08-20

Nukote Global Conference 2018 demonstrated various unique applications of polyurea, and an advanced technology - internal pipeline coating by Nukote Ringtec 360

Bostik Boscolastic & Graco Toughtek S340e 🎬 2019-08-20

Graco ToughTek S340e is a single component, powered by single phase electric.

Bostik Boscoseal AC2 & Graco Toughtek S340e 🎬 2019-08-20

Graco Toughtek S340e is a single component, single phased powered cementitious sprayer. Bostik Boscoseal AC2 contains fibre-reinforced fillers in which normal single component sprayers are unable to spray. Graco ToughTek S340e has proven that!

Bostik Boscoseal RC2 & Graco e-Xtreme EX45 🎬 2019-08-20

SIKACRETE 213 FMY & GRACO TOUGHTEK F340e 🎬 2019-08-20

Graco ToughTek F340e is a fireproofing cememtitious pump, which could spray various fireproofing materials.

Sika injection 304 & Graco Reactor E-8P 🎬 2019-08-20

The plural component Graco E-8P has proven to be able to inject Sika Injection 304. It only requires slight modification on the gun to connect to packer.

Graco Reactor E-10HP with Polyurea Nukote ST 🎬 2019-08-20

Graco Reactor E-10HP is designed to be easy mobilised. It could be loaded on a truck and operates on it. Graco E-10HP only requires single phase electricity input as power source hence it is applicator-friendly.

Internal Pipeline Coating 🎬 2020-05-03

It is an airless spray gun designed to reliably spray the inside surface of pipes. The 360° rotation spray head covers every square centimeter, at speeds from 10 to 100 RPM, internal diameter from 45mm to 1200mm. An airless tip is fitted on the spray heads. By the pneumatic regulator it is possible to adjust, according to your spray needs, the rotating speed. Just hookup your airless hose with a shut off valve or gun to control the flow. The unit is pulled through the pipe manually.

Graco SaniSpray HP 🎬 2020-05-10

Graco's SaniSpray HP products have been designed to deliver consistent coverage, without heavy drips and runs, so that you can achieve specified disinfectant dwell times. Don't leave your success to chance. Graco SaniSpray solutions include innovative, patented technologies to deliver highest productivity on all your cleaning jobs small or large. COMPATIBLE DISINFECTANTS 1. Approved alcohol-based active ingredients— Ethanol or isopropanol (Except for SaniSpray HP 10 and SaniSpray HP 20) 2. Approved water-based active ingredients— Aldehydes, Phenols, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach), Peroxyacetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Hypochlorous Acid 3. Consult with your material manufacturer to confirm spray application and equipment compatibility