Graco e-Xtreme EX45 🎬 2019-05-06

Graco e-Xtreme EX45 is the single component, single phase electric powered. It is quiet and powerful. Besides that it also has ATEX approved (non-explosive approved) that could be used in oil & gas industry. It does not emit CO2 & waste gases (electric as power source) hence it is suitable to be used in tunnels, confined spaces etc.

Graco King Pump 🎬 2019-05-06

Graco King Pump is a powerful air driven pump that could spray up to 100% solid content materials. It has XL10000 air motor which is the most powerful design in the single component sprayer industry.

Graco Reactor E-10HP 🎬 2019-05-06

The Graco Reactor E-10HP is a single phase powered reactor, it is very convenient for mobilisation. As a multi-purpose sprayer it can spray PU foams, polyureas, and could perform concrete lifting.

Graco EcoQuip2 Dual Line Vapour Blasting Equipment 🎬 2019-08-20

Graco’s EcoQuip 2 dual line vapor blasting equipment is a standalone unit designed to tackle most typical blasting projects. The dual line EQ2 is a breakthrough of all the EcoQuip 2 series which it has a larger pot and operates with two lines (higher productivity). EQ2 Dual Line Features and Benefits: 1. Functions two lines simultaneously 2. Stacks easily to save space 3. Max blast pressure of 175 PSI 4. Handles both low and high air flow/pressure applications 5. Painted crash frame 6. 12 cubic ft. specialty coated pot

Graco XP70hf (100m hose) on Hempadur Multi-Strength GF 35870 🎬 2019-08-20

The Graco XP70hf (high flow) is a two component sprayer which it operates up to 7250 psi, ratio ranges from 1:1 to 1:4. It has a powerful XL10000 air motor hence it could spray high solid contents.

Graco Z60 with International Paint Interzone 954 🎬 2019-08-20

Graco has just launched Z60, a powerful single phase sprayer with 6000psi operating pressure. The size is as same as e-Xtreme EX45, which it is functioning very quietly and does not emit waste gases.

Forsroc Netoproof 600 & Graco EX45 vs roller 67 views 🎬 2019-08-20

Forsroc Netoproof 600 is a high viscosity material. This video demonstrates the powerful EX45 spraying Netoproof 600 vs roller.

Epigen XD005 & Graco Xtreme X70 🎬 2019-08-20

Epigen XD005 is a high chemical resistant and high temperature resistant material, suitable to be applied in chimney wall lining which is to resist sulfuric acids under high temperature. It is a very viscous material and requires high pressure pump. Graco Xtreme X70 (which is equivalent to newer version, King Pump) meets the requirement.

Mapei Purtop 1000 & Graco Reactor 2 EXP2 🎬 2019-08-20

Polyurea is a fast set material and it requires plural component sprayer, at about 65-70C . Graco Reactors are designed to suit the requirements. The video demonstrates Graco Reactor 2 E-XP2 spraying Mapei Purtop 1000.

International Paint Intergard 475HS & Graco XM70 🎬 2019-08-20

Graco XM70 is a plural component, digitised variable ratio (ranges from 1:1 to 10:1, with two decimal points).

NUKOTE Global Conference 2018 🎬 2019-08-20

Nukote Global Conference 2018 demonstrated various unique applications of polyurea, and an advanced technology - internal pipeline coating by Nukote Ringtec 360

Bostik Boscolastic & Graco Toughtek S340e 🎬 2019-08-20

Graco ToughTek S340e is a single component, powered by single phase electric.

Bostik Boscoseal AC2 & Graco Toughtek S340e 🎬 2019-08-20

Graco Toughtek S340e is a single component, single phased powered cementitious sprayer. Bostik Boscoseal AC2 contains fibre-reinforced fillers in which normal single component sprayers are unable to spray. Graco ToughTek S340e has proven that!

Bostik Boscoseal RC2 & Graco e-Xtreme EX45 🎬 2019-08-20

SIKACRETE 213 FMY & GRACO TOUGHTEK F340e 🎬 2019-08-20

Graco ToughTek F340e is a fireproofing cememtitious pump, which could spray various fireproofing materials.

Sika injection 304 & Graco Reactor E-8P 🎬 2019-08-20

The plural component Graco E-8P has proven to be able to inject Sika Injection 304. It only requires slight modification on the gun to connect to packer.

Graco Reactor E-10HP with Polyurea Nukote ST 🎬 2019-08-20

Graco Reactor E-10HP is designed to be easy mobilised. It could be loaded on a truck and operates on it. Graco E-10HP only requires single phase electricity input as power source hence it is applicator-friendly.